Online Workshops


Treating Complex Trauma with Trauma-Informed Internal Family Systems

This advanced course is designed to bridge the gap between a working knowledge of IFS and working with Complex Trauma.


An Integrated Approach to Treating Complex Trauma

Sheri Van Dijk will teach some essential perspectives and skills to help you and your clients get unstuck in treatment.


Helping with Codependency: Practical Interventions

This brief course will review the evidence provided by research on codependency.


Patterns in Abusive Relationships: Codependence and Dependent Personality Disorder

This course reviews what patterns to look for in healthy and in abusive relationships in your clients.


Sensorimotor Therapy Techniques for Trauma Treatment: Practical Skills


Family Killers: Patterns, Profiles, Risk Factors, and Consequences

An introduction to the different manifestations of family violence as well as causes, consequences, and risk factors.


Trauma Recovery After Loss: Skills for Diagnosis and Treatment

Loss, isolation, trauma, anxiety, and grief are commonplace for many people, and will likely continue to be with the various global challenges we can see actively hitting home for so many.


Driver Aggression and Road Rage: Causes and Clinical Interventions

Aggressive driving and road rage are concerning behaviors that have significant societal implications.


Grief Therapy: Clinical Tools to Assess and Treat Normative and Prolonged Grief Disorder

When your clients are devastated by loss, they’re counting on you to guide them through their pain. But grief is unpredictable, often misunderstood, and leaves wounds that linger for years afterward.


Practical Neuroscience of Sleep

In this short 2-hour seminar, designed specifically for mental health professionals, we will explore the fascinating field of sleep neuroscience and its relevance to mental health and wellbeing.


Psychoneuroimmunology: Mind-Body Science for 21st Century Healthcare

Learn how PNI demonstrates mind and body connections at cellular and molecular levels and how thought, emotions and immunity are intimately linked.


Navigating Narcissism with Courage and Empathy – Clinical Tools and Techniques

Learn to use effective strategies grounded in emotional engagement and the therapy relationship.


A Master Class Series on Client-Specific Approaches to Therapeutic Insight

With over thirty years of experience, working with clients from around the world, Short brings a great deal of clinical wisdom to the classroom as well as a palpable appreciation for each person’s growth potential.


Addiction, Trauma, and the Family: Treatment Tools for Change

Addiction is indeed a family disease and we will journey into the family dynamics to look at how to support individuals struggling with addiction.


Complicated Spiritual Grief

Knowing how to identify the impact of complicated spiritual grief in the grieving process is imperative.


Helping Clients Recover Sexual and Relational Health After Sexual Trauma

This course explores what comes next as clients move toward sexual and relational health.


Ethics and Boundaries – Avoiding Pitfalls and Preserving the Alliance

lease join us to increase your knowledge and insight into appropriately setting ethical boundaries in challenging situations with clients.


Clinical Strategies for Treating Clients with Distressing Obsessive Thoughts

Learn strategies to help clients respond to and better manage these obsessions that can leave them uncomfortable, disturbed, and even functionally impaired.


Imago Relationship Therapy – Introduction Series

This online course is designed for therapists and counselors who want to effectively work with couples in just a few sessions.


Tools to Integrate EMDR, IFS and Other Approaches to Trauma: Introduction to Neural Desensitization and Integration Training

Participants will be introduced to the basic skills of NDIT, which can be immediately incorporated into their practice.

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