Engaging Clients Who Are Hard to Engage

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Engaging Clients Who Are Hard to Engage


Presenter: Hanna Nowicki, (BA Psych, BLL, Postgrad.Soc.Admin, Cert IV Trng & Workpl Assessment)


The techniques you will learn in this workshop will be useful in avoiding generating resistance on the part of the client, and will lead to positive client outcomes.  They are easily integrated into any treatment model and are complementary to your knowledge of Motivational Interviewing.


First, the issue of why people change and why, at times, they resist change will be explored.  The many meanings of what is commonly referred to as resistance will be explored..Your understanding should then lead you in developing approaches to managing resistance. The tool box of techniques provided in this workshop will assist you in gracefully and eloquently managing client reactions.


The techniques presented in this workshop will improve your confidence in working with mandatory clients; those who are in denial or those who treat you with the “I don’t know” answers or with silence.  Hopefully, you will be able to move quicker into addressing critical issues, and pseudo co-operation will be avoided.  Not only the treatment time will be decreased, but you will avoid being frustrated, stressed or burnt out as your ability to avoid futile battles with clients will improve.