Introduction to Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Mental Health Workers

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Introduction to Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Mental Health Workers – 2 Day Workshop


Presenters: Margaret Hartstone (B Arts, M Arts (Psych), Dip Ed, Dip Clin Hyp) and Amanda Burlock (M.Psych (Clin), GCPA, BA (Hon.))


This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to Cognitive and Behaviour Therapies (CBT) relevant to working with consumers who have mental health issues.  The historical and theoretical foundations of CBT will be reviewed.  Learning processes relevant to the onset and maintenance of psychological disorders will be explained with examples drawn mainly from the high prevalence disorders. The implications of these for effective behavioural intervention will be discussed.  Relevant cognitive processes will also be explored along with basic strategies for shaping thinking that supports mental health.


Case material will be used to demonstrate the ways in which behavioural and cognitive strategies can be combined in effective treatment for a range of disorders.  CBT approaches to conceptualising these disorders will be discussed.  Participants will also be provided with an overview of more recent developments and modifications of traditional CBT (eg. an introduction to dialectical, acceptance and mindfulness-based approaches).


This two-day workshop is suitable for anyone employed in a supportive capacity with consumers who have a mental illness (eg. NGO support workers and other health workers).