The ABC of Mental Health

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The ABC of Mental Health – 2 Day Workshop


Presented by Hanna Nowicki, (BA Psych, BLL, Postgrad.Soc.Admin, Cert IV Trng & Workpl Assessment)


This course will provide you with an overview of the competencies and knowledge required for working effectively in organisations with programs providing support, rehabilitation and vocational services to clients with mental health issues. It is an interactive workshop with case studies, group discussions and video illustrations.


You will leave this workshop with an in-depth knowledge of mental health issues including early warning signs of mental illness and current treatments and pathways to referrals.  You will be able to perform mental health assessments including Mental Status Examinations which will improve the effectiveness of your referrals and communication with mental health services.  This workshop will also equip you with good understanding and translation of mental health jargon and assessment tools used by experienced mental health practitioners.


Whether you work in the government or non-government sector, including schools, child protection, correctional, employment, housing, and other such services, these skills are vital as early interventions are only possible if early warning signs, and other signs of mental health issues are recognised, understood and responded to competently.  You will leave this two-day workshop refreshed, positive and confident that your new skills can be implemented the very next day you are back to your workplace.


This course will provide you with a framework and structure to:


  • Support people with mental health issues
  • Work collaboratively with child, adolescent and adult mental health services and schools
  • Prevent mental health problems and facilitate early identification of mental health issues
  • Improve the understanding, recognition, management and prevention of mental health issues


Treatment approaches will be discussed in relation to each group of disorders.