About Us

About TATRA Corporate and Allied Health Training Services

TATRA Training Services is a leading Australian-owned professional development training provider for psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors, family therapists, school counsellors, and mental health practitioners. We provide professional development to individual practitioners and to organisations through both “open” workshops and in-house workshops. TATRA stands for Training and Training Resources Australia. TATRA was established in 2001 and since then has provided training to over 65,000 attendees around Australia.


We provide hands-on, practice based and evidence-based training sessions presented by the trainers who are nationally and internationally recognised for their expertise. All our workshops will provide you with practical tools and strategies that will assist you and your organisation in achieving best client outcomes really fast.


TATRA provides more training sessions than anyone else in the industry. We are committed to providing cutting edge, up-to-date practical and interactive training sessions. We want our training to be easily accessible to all who are willing to learn. Hence we travel with training sessions extensively and we also provide access to training to those who live in the regional areas and the remote outback through our digital products with recorded workshops and online courses. Hence our training is easily accessible to everyone who is willing to learn.


In TATRA, we believe in co-operation, not competition. We will promote your own event, conference or training through our ANT (Australian Networks & Training) digital newsletter. Our commitment is entirely to good learning and continuous education.