TATRA Corporate and Allied Health Training Services is a leading Australian owned professional development training provider for psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, counsellors, family therapists, school counsellors, and mental health practitioners.  We provide professional development to individual practitioners and to organisations.  TATRA was established in 2001 and has provided training to over 65,000 attendees around Australia.



COVID-19 has presented a difficult challenge for many businesses, especially training organisations. As we are facing a situation with flight restrictions, venue closures and gathering restrictions, some of our 2020 workshops will not be proceeding as originally scheduled.


  • The April-May workshops with Dr Carol Kershaw and Dr Bill wade have been delivered to attendees digitally. Please see the workshop page for further details or contact us if you did not receive this workshop.
  • David Kessler’s Sixth Stage of Grief workshop will most likely be delivered to attendees digitally, further details soon.
  • Linda Graham’s Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth workshop has been delivered to attendees digitally. Please contact us if you did not receive this workshop.
  • The Suicide Risk Assessment and Engaging Clients who are Hard to Engage workshops have been postponed to September 2020. We are also working on producing an online version of these workshops for the future.


Registration for future workshops remains open at this stage. We will continue to focus on finding the best solution for our workshop presenters, attendees and community. This includes the possibility of postponing future workshops or delivering content digitally. The online versions of these workshops will contain the same content as the live workshops and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


We hope to see you again at our training workshops in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime we do have a number of workshops available as online courses which are an excellent alternative: TATRA Online Courses.

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