Energy to Mind: Toward Integration

Energy to Mind: Toward Integration

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Join Dr John Arden, an internationally known presenter, researcher and author, in his new seminar on creating energy to maintain a healthy brain, immunity, positive mood, and resilience in adversity.


See how he explains energy from a scientific viewpoint and how he interprets the newest scientific research pertaining to this topic.


Join him in his pursuit to find answers to the questions such as:


  • What is energy?
  • What is the mind?
  • How does energy make the mind possible?


Energy is the life force we need in order to live, thrive and maintain good mental health. The health of our energy production capacity is vital for our immune system. Our health requires that we maintain plentiful energy generators in all of our cells. People in poor health and those who are most vulnerable to the illness, infections and viruses are unknowingly killing their energy generators through free radical assaults. Overall health depends on this fundamental energy source.


This webinar begins by describing how each of our cells, including brain cells, contain energy factories called mitochondria. In fact, our brains are disproportionally among the highest energy consumers in our body. So, it is no accident that our brain cells contain a relative abundance of these energy generators. They comprise the backbone for our metabolism and produce our primary energy source called ATP. The health of these energy powerplants not only plays an indispensable role in whether we live or die, but also whether we can maintain immunity to illness and enjoy mental health.


By addressing these questions this new 6-hour webinar breaks new ground. Previously, the terms “energy” and “mind” had nebulous and often confusing meanings. This webinar clears up the confusion. It describes how biological energy effects mental health. Through the emerging field of Neuro-energetics we have learned how energy fluctuations significantly impact cognition and emotional regulation. Based on these discoveries and new developments in neuroscience, we can make sense of the fluid process that what we refer to as the mind.


Energy fuels the feedback loops between our DNA, the strength of our immune system, and uniquely adapted brains which together contribute to the emergence of our sense of self. Fundamentally, our coherent sense of self, mind, and our mental health all depend on constant supply of energy.


This webinar is especially relevant during the COVID pandemic as it also addresses the issue of developing immunity.

  • Discuss the interactions between energy, the immune system, genes, brain dynamics, and mental health
  • Describe how our mitochondria must take in the right amount of oxygen and glucose to generate ATP (energy)
  • Explain how a surge of free radicals can occur and also kill off our mitochondria
  • Clarify about how fluctuations in energy supply can affect long-term health
  • Describe how energy can play a role in how genes are expressed or suppressed
  • Assess how the stress systems can undermine energy production and supply
  • Analyse how the metabolism is intricately connected to brain systems
  • Rate: How people in poor mental health are unknowingly killing their power generators through free radical assaults
  • Critique how reductions in energy production can contribute to depression, anxiety, and cognitive problems

John Arden, PhD, ABPP, is a psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. He is widely known as an entertaining speaker and is talented at integrating diverse fields.   Author of 15 books, including Brain2Brain,The Brain Bible, Rewire Your BrainBrain-Based Therapy with Adults and Brain-Based Therapy with Children and Adolescents. His new book is entitled Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward the Integration of Psychotherapy.


He presents workshops on brain-based therapy internationally and in the United States. Dr Arden has written books on anxiety (The Brain-Based Anxiety Workbook), OCD (The Brain-Based OCD Workbook) and PTSD (Conquering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, with Dr. Victoria Beckner) as well Improving Your Memory for DummiesConsciousness, Dreams, and Self: A Transdisciplinary Approach (winner of the Choice 1997 Outstanding Academic Book Award); and Science, Theology, and Consciousness.   Dr Arden’s study of neuropsychology has inspired him to integrate neuroscience and psychotherapy, synthesizing the biological and psychological aspects into a new vision for psychotherapy: Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward the Integration of Psychotherapy.


His work incorporates what is currently known about the brain and its capacities, including neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, with psychotherapy research, mindfulness, nutritional neuroscience and social intelligence. He has presented in all US States and in 30 countries around the world.

This online workshop will give you instant access to 5 sessions of video content, accessible via streaming on our website. You can view the course content in your own time, there is no time limit on access.


The duration of this workshop is 6 learning hours. A certificate of completion will be generated upon finishing the course and completing a short evaluation quiz. Please consult your professional organisation/association to confirm whether you are able to claim any CPD points/hours for this online workshop.