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$295 Inc GST

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Presenter: Hanna Nowicki, (LLB, BA Psych., Postgrad. Soc. Admin, Cert IV Training & Workplace Assessment)

The aim of this seminar is to provide more insight into the complex world of Personality Disorders and equip the participants with more strategies for dealing effectively with challenging behaviours displayed by Personality Disordered clients.

$295 Inc GST

Melbourne: 30 April 2019

Sydney: 7 May 2019

Presenter: Hanna Nowicki, (LLB, BA Psych., Postgrad. Soc. Admin, Cert IV Training & Workplace Assessment)

This course will offer helpful guidelines to workers who wish to improve their capacity to respond usefully to clients who self-harm.

$295 Inc GST

Geelong: 10 April 2019

Melbourne: 29 April 2019

Sydney: 6 May 2019

Presenter: Hanna Nowicki, (LLB, BA Psych., Postgrad. Soc. Admin, Cert IV Training & Workplace Assessment)

TATRA’s Suicide Risk Assessment workshop provides detailed practical information on conducting Suicide Risk Assessments and effective interventions.

$358 Inc GST

March 2019

Presenter: Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, RSW

This workshop will provide clinicians with real-life day-to-day tools you will be able to teach to clients struggling with mental health issues and other emotional and relational problems. You will be able to help your clients find order and peace in their lives again, and to make changes that are long-lasting!

$338 Inc GST

May 2019

Presenter: Jeff Riggenbach, PhD

Leave this enjoyable and information packed seminar with a new ability to help struggling individuals deal with issues related to self-harm, multiple suicide attempts, frequently hurt feelings, intense and unpredictable mood swings, shame, trauma, toxic relationships and other problems that impair their ability to function in society.

$338 Inc GST

May 2019

Presenter: Jeff Riggenbach, PhD

Attend this seminar and learn how you can develop and further modify CBT, DBT and Schema Therapy techniques you currently use to achieve faster results with five groups of clients.

$338 Inc GST

June 2019

Presenter: Debra Alvis, PhD

Join Dr Debra Alvis for a day of cutting-edge, contemplative and brain-based interventions to address a spectrum of clinical disorders. With the seminar’s focus on clinician self-care, conclude the day feeling renewed, energized, and ready to apply these new approaches.

$338 Inc GST

July-August 2019

Presenter: Jennifer Sweeton, PhD

This one-day workshop, led by clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Sweeton, shares the most up-to-date neuroscience research discoveries and teaches highly effective brain-based techniques aimed at facilitating recovery from mental illness. Join Dr Sweeton for this program and discover how to develop and implement personalized, neuroscience-based treatment plans, techniques, and interventions for your clients!

$338 Inc GST

September 2019

Presenter: Courtney Armstrong, MEd. LPC

Come to this workshop and join Courtney Armstrong who will provide you with step-by-step instructions and techniques you can use in each phase of trauma treatment.

$338 Inc GST

October 2019

Presenter: Jonah Paquette, Psy.D

This workshop will provide you with the backed up by research science-based exercises that will equip you with strategies you will be able to immediately introduce to your clients the very next day. You will learn a range of techniques that will allow your clients to change their daily habits, lift their moods and fight anxiety or depression, regulate emotions and improve general health and well-being.