Upcoming Workshops


18 May 2020, Sydney

Presenter: Hanna Nowicki (Postgrad. Soc. Work, LLB, BA Psych)

The techniques presented in this workshop will improve your confidence in working with mandatory clients; those who are in denial or those who treat you with the “I don’t know” answers or with silence. You will be able to move quicker into addressing critical issues, and pseudo co-operation will be avoided. Not only the treatment time will be decreased, but you will avoid being frustrated, stressed or burnt out as your ability to avoid futile battles with clients will improve.


Adelaide – 11 May 2020
Sydney – 19 May 2020
Brisbane – 21 May 2020
Melbourne – 10 September 2020

Presenter: Hanna Nowicki (Postgrad. Soc. Work, LLB, BA Psych)

The workshop is intended for all frontline workers who come into contact with people who may be suicidal, including those who are experienced in this area. This includes the workforce of Mental Health Services, Mental Health Rehabilitation NGOs and other NGOs, NDIS, Community Health and Child Protection Services, Correctional Services, Housing and Employment services, Domestic Violence, Services for Homeless, Centrelink, Drug and Alcohol Services, Youth Services, General Practitioners and a wide range of other services.



March 2020. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane Perth.

Presenter: John Arden, PhD, ABPP

John Arden will present a powerful model of transformative psychotherapy providing an integrative approach to the diverse fields of epigenetics, neuroscience and clinical work. The workshop will be filled with research, practical self-care, clinical interventions and hope. It will challenge both the ways you view psychopathology and behaviour change, and it will provide novel perspectives that can be used by clients to revitalize their health and improve their lives.



March 2020. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Presenter: John Arden, PhD, ABPP

This seminar will examine the use of Brain-Based Therapy to enhance outcomes with people who suffer from Chronic Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue. Dr Arden will show you how self-care behaviours have major effects on the immune system, the brain, and the body in general, and how these interactions have a profound effect on mental health.


$343 (Early-Bird Rate, Available Until 23 March 2020)

April-May 2020, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide

Presenters: Carol Kershaw, Ph.D. and Bill Wade, Ph.D.

This course will offer you a range of new techniques based in neuroscience that will assist your clients in fast forwarding recovery. Attend this high energy practice and evidence-based seminar and learn how you can teach your clients to live in states of thriving frequently. You will learn how to teach your clients to change emotional channels, regain optimism and sense of control, develop neuro-wellness rituals to break through crises, and meet everyday challenges with clarity and confidence.



$343 (Early-Bird Rate, Available Until 27 April 2020)

June 2020, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Presenter: David Kessler

After attending this seminar you will be able to enhance your work with clients who have dealt with any kind of loss. Even if you have seen David before, you won’t want to miss this new seminar.  It will fill you with new insightnew tools, new strategies, and inspiring information, leaving you looking forward to the next day… so you can immediately begin to use all you have learned!


$343 (Early-Bird Rate, Available Until 13 July 2020)

August-September 2020, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Presenter: Linda Graham, MFT

People do learn and grow from meeting the challenges and adversities of the human condition when they have support, resources, and skills to do so. Practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, empathy, and forgiveness help shift the functioning of the brain out of contraction and reactivity into more receptivity, openness, the larger perspective. People can recover capacities that reduce the impacts of stress and trauma, recover inner stability, meaning and purpose, and move them into thriving and flourishing.


$343 (Early-Bird Rate, Available Until 13 July 2020)

August 2020, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Presenter: Linda Graham, MFT

The rapid advances in digital technology in the last ten years have radically transformed how we learn, work, and relate to each other.  Many of those cultural shifts are life enhancing, even life-saving, to be sure.  And…the impact of digital dependency – reduced capacities of attention, concentration, empathy, and self-reflection – has become a pressing mental health concern that therapists are just beginning to address.


$343 (Early-Bird Rate, Available Until 7 September 2020)

October 2020, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Presenter: David Nowell, Ph.D.

Attend this workshop presented by Dr David Nowell, an internationally known ADHD coach and neuropsychologist, and learn how to apply leading edge research to your own clinical practice with clients who struggle with these attentional skills. Gain a wide range of concrete skills including assessment of processing and organizational deficits from multiple perspectives and managing symptom overlap among related disorders.

$325 Inc GST

Dates/locations coming soon

Presenter: Hanna Nowicki, (LLB, BA Psych., Postgrad. Soc. Admin, Cert IV Training & Workplace Assessment)

This course will offer helpful guidelines to workers who wish to improve their capacity to respond usefully to clients who self-harm.