Suicide Risk Assessment


Suicide Risk Assessment

Presented by Hanna Nowicki (Postgrad. Soc. Work, LLB, BA Psych)

TATRA’s Suicide Risk Assessment workshop provides detailed practical information on conducting Suicide Risk Assessments and effective interventions.

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New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the national suicide rate increased in the last 12 months. There are calls for a national target to reduce Australia’s suicide rate. With suicidal behaviours presenting a major clinical dilemma to health and allied health workers, it is imperative that professionals who have contact with people at risk of suicide know how to respond to such behaviours competently and sensitively. Mastering the skill of Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA) is one of the ways of preventing suicide and allowing intervention at an early stage, before the continuum between the first suicidal thought and the decision to complete suicide has been finalised. Suicide is difficult to predict but it is preventable.

TATRA’s Suicide Risk Assessment workshop provides detailed practical information on conducting Suicide Risk Assessments and effective interventions in clinically complex situations such as:

  • Assessing and responding to various levels of risk effectively and in a timely manner
  • Assessing mental state
  • Responding to high risk behaviour with no lethal intention
  • Working with chronic suicidality
  • Designing effective interventions
  • Working collaboratively within the system
  • Avoiding practice errors that might increase the risk
  • Growing your confidence in providing assessment

The workshop is intended for all frontline workers who come into contact with people who may be suicidal, including those who are experienced in this area. This includes the workforce of Mental Health Services, Mental Health Rehabilitation NGOs and other NGOs, NDIS, Community Health and Child Protection Services, Correctional Services, Housing and Employment services, Domestic Violence, Services for Homeless, Centrelink, Drug and Alcohol Services, Youth Services, General Practitioners and a wide range of other services.

The program will focus on the following areas:

  1. SRA – structure, risk factors, protective factors, warning signs – interactive learning in groups
  2. Effective interventions in realistic situations where the risk level varies and where there might be systemic obstacles
  3. Working with suicidal clients who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder
  4. Working with clients who self-injure
  5. Working with clients who exhibit ongoing high-risk behaviours but where the intent is not present
  6. Working with clients who suffer from depression
  7. Effectively conducting Mental State Examination (practice exercises)
  8. Designing effective referrals to other mental health services
  9. Clinical / legal/ ethical issues for practitioners, managers and organisations


Our interactive and thought-provoking workshop is provided by a facilitator with more than 20-year experience in providing Suicide Risk Assessments for people at risk and working with them clinically.


It will be an interactive and high energy day of learning activities and case studies. Come and join us! Refresh your current knowledge! Learn something new!

  • AASW: Members can accrue 7 CPD hours by participating in this activity
  • ACA: Members can accrue 5 CPD points by participating in this activity

A certificate of attendance will be emailed to participants following the workshop.