Treating Targets of School Bullying

Treating Targets of School Bullying

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Treating targets of school bullying is a new area.  Believe it not, despite school bullying being a major cause of school distress for kids, there is no mention of school bullying in the DSM-V, the “psychiatrist’s bible”.  Bullying is caused by dysfunctional systems, at school or at work. It is further affected by individual personalities. Thus, treatment issues may be complex.


Bullying causes many individual injuries, including depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, physical symptoms, social difficulties and can change personality. It can cause epigenetic changes.  Thus, the treating psychologist and school counsellor or any other such a professional, needs to be knowledgeable and skilled in many different areas, understand bullying and be able to provide short and long-term therapy and use a range of treatment methods, depending on their clients’ needs.  Treatment is quick and takes around four – six sessions on average.


There is no evidence that telling the child, “walk away, do nothing, tell them to stop” will work. When targets of school bullying become angry, scared or upset they make a bully happy! The core to treatment is teaching children how not to react when bullied, but to remain cool, focused and respond neutrally. They will immediately notice the bully’s embarrassment and their need to stop. Then other children are more likely to respect the target. Thus, managing bullies is a prerequisite for effective social skills!


Join Evelyn Field, psychologist, presenter, author and a national expert on the topic of bullying, and learn how to treat targets of bullying effectively and effortlessly.  She will teach you how to:

  • help targets deal with their distress and powerlessness,
  • block bullies effectively and learn these skills for life,
  • train targets and help them build their social survival skills, and avoid being ostracised, learning how to become a nice, friendly, caring person and  join a social group.

Evelyn Field is a practising clinical psychologist, professional speaker, media commentator and author with extensive clinical and personal experience in dealing with the trauma of loss and abuse. She has been helping school and workplace bullying victims for over 30 years, as well as training and writing about both workplace and school bullying. She regularly presents at international conferences and workshops.


She is a bestselling author of many books on workplace bullying including Strategies For Surviving Bullying at Work and Bully Blocking at Work. Her book on school bullying, Bully Blocking, has been published in five languages. Evelyn’s first book on workplace bullying, Bully Blocking at Work, was published in 2010 and has received international praise. She was awarded her Order of Australia for her initiatives for school and workplace bullying.


In addition to providing therapy and coaching in Melbourne, interstate and internationally, Evelyn provides training for schools, organizations and mental health professionals. This training incorporates her simple six-step social and emotional resilience model to empower children and adults to relate more effectively. It has been presented in New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, USA, Vietnam, Canada, Norway, Copenhagen, Wales, Italy and Israel. Evelyn lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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