Pathological Narcissists: Who They Are & What to Do About Them + The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique

Pathological Narcissists: Who They Are & What to Do About Them + The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique

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Expect a fascinating multi-media seminar that is highly relevant to both the clinical and general audience.  The Pathological Narcissistic Disorders will be deconstructed, redefined and re-conceptualized in a manner that is clinically accurate, interesting, and useful.  Rosenberg will present cutting-edge information on the Pathological Narcissistic Disorders (NPD, BPD, ASPD & Addictions), and how a psychotherapist, friend, husband or mother, can safely manage them.


Not only will Rosenberg explain how and why Pathological Narcissists manipulate, control and dominate others, he will also provide solutions to narcissistic victim syndrome. In addition, he will demonstrate how to neutralize narcissistic abuse through the use of his Observe Don’t Absorb Technique, which has taken the world by storm (the YouTube videos were viewed over 2,000,000 times!).




  •     Diagnostic features of the Pathological Narcissism Disorders
  •     Borderline, Narcissistic & Antisocial Personality Disorders
  •     Covert & Malignant Narcissism
  •     Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
  •     Gaslighting
  •     Stockholm Syndrome
  •     The Cause/Etiology
  •     Attachment Trauma and the Development of NPD
  •     Narcissism in Politics
  •     The Human Magnet Syndrome
  •     The Continuum of Narcissism
  •     Hoovering – Breaking the Codependent’s No Contact Efforts
  •     Narcissism in Old Age (and Dying)
  •     The Many Faces of a Narcissistic Injury
  •     The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique – Neutralizing Narcissistic Abuse and Manipulation


FLORENCE ST. JOHN, Author of “Entangled with a Sociopath,” speaking on, “My Ex-Boyfriend, the Sociopath”


KAREN KAPLAN, Author of “Descendants of Rajgród,” speaking on, “Growing up with a Malignant Narcissistic Father”




  •     Wolves in Sheep Clothing: The Hidden Predator Narcissists
  •     When Exposing (Taking the Mask Off) is Dangerous
  •     Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome vs. Human Magnet Syndrome
  •     Developing a “Narcometer:” Intuitive & Reflexive Warning System
  •     The ODA’s Defense Fantasy Techniques
  •     Developing “Predictive Awareness,” ODA’s Prerequisite
  •     Defensive and Protection Strategies
  •     Should Most Therapists Work with Pathological Narcissists?

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT is a psychotherapist, international speaker, author, professional trainer, and codependency (Self-Love Deficit Disorder), narcissism, trauma and sex addiction expert. He owns Self-Love Recovery Institute, where his work as a writer, psychotherapist, seminar leader, keynote speaker, professional witness is featured.  His trainings, which feature all original work, have been presented in 30 states and twice in Europe and he is regularly featured on TV, radio and online. Ross’s educational YouTube videos have been viewed over 16 million times, attracting more than 170,000 subscribers. His books, “The Human Magnet Syndrome”, have sold over 100,000K copies and been translated and published in six languages.


Ross Rosenberg is SLRI™’s primary trainer. He is the consummate mental health educator. His advanced education, professional license, advanced clinical certifications and more than 30 years of professional work experience enables him to create, produce and provide compelling and life-changing seminars. Ross is also an accomplished international professional trainer and keynote speaker, working in 30 US states (70 cities) and abroad. His educational products span international boundaries, as his book is published in six languages, while his YouTube videos are enjoyed by millions worldwide. Ross’s seminars are like no other, as they are as entertaining as they are informative. His sense of humor and personal vulnerability disclosures of his own recovery journey adds a sense of integrity to his work.

This online workshop will give you instant access to 6 hours of video content, accessible via streaming on our website, as well as downloads for supplemental materials. You can view the course content in your own time, there is no time limit on access.


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