Clients & Testimonials

A list of trained organisations includes:

  • SAAP Services
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation NGOs
  • Public Mental Health Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Centrelink
  • CRS Australia
  • Lifeline
  • Community Health Centres
  • Centacare
  • UnitingCare Wesley
  • Baptist Community Services
  • Anglicare
  • Brain Injury and Disability Services
  • Mission Australia
  • Youth Services
  • Residential Care Services
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Hospital Social Work Departments
  • Worklink Qld
  • Career Systems
  • Teachers & School Counsellors
  • MIND
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Salvation Army
  • Housing SA and Depts of Housing in other states
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Department of Defence


Feedback from participants has been excellent, and the demand for TATRA's training is continuous. This is because TATRA's training is developed and provided by presenters with clinical and training experience in various areas of practice.

Some nice things people say:

"Today's workshop was fantastic. What a knowledgeable man, and he imparted his stuff in a way that was easy to understand. I left there with my mind in overdrive!"

"Highly engaging material and presentation manner, enabled me to reflect on my own processes."
Youth Housing Support Worker

"Great presentation. The combination of media/group work and direct therapy kept me interested."
Case Manager

"Great speaker - very knowledgeable and engaging. Well structured training, easy to follow and to take back to workplace."
Social Worker/Counsellor

"A funny presenter, good interactive program, loved it."
Primary Health Care Nurse

"I found this training day extremely interesting & valuable. Very relevant to my workplace."
Case Manager

"Thank you for one of the most valuable workshops I've had the privilege to attend."
Clinical Nurse Consultant / SAMHS

"Excellent workshop! I have been given a lot to take away and think about."
Mental Health Clinician

"Beautiful, consistent, genuine and respectful teaching style."
Community Mental Health Rehab Worker

"As typically, you continue to bring in quality presenters who engage well with the audience"

"Absolutely brilliant presentation, content and style"

"This workshop was excellent – an excellent speaker, well presented information, easy to follow and very, very interesting. The best workshop I’ve been to for a very long time"

"A challenging, intriguing presentation – took me beyond where I was, even though I thought I knew Mindfulness very well as a topic"

"Excellent value, got more than I expected, I made some paradigm shifts"

"As always (per my experience) the workshop has met my expectations"

"Brilliant! I came here ‘open’ but ‘half hearted’ with pre-formed ideas….. ho hum, another seminar…… thank you !. My “pragmatic assumptions” were just that …. I’ve walked out with many “jewels”. My favourite is that he made reference to the brain needing glucose…… The exercises, so simple but so brilliant."

"Always pleased with Tatra Training – always delivered what was advertised. Very reliable learning experience, so thank you."

"One of the most interesting workshops I have attended. Presenters were fantastic, kept my attention the whole time. Very thorough and vast levels of knowledge and experience. They covered different applications, theories and practical interventions. Loved it"