Borderline Personality Disorder: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies That Work!

Borderline Personality Disorder: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies That Work!

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If you are working with people, whether it is in the therapeutic setting or in an organisation providing support, the odds are that at some point you will encounter a client with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  We all know how challenging it is to help people with BPD, especially within the limited scope of treatment allowed by managed care programs. Regardless of what our limitations are, we have the obligation to our clients and to ourselves to stay up to date with the modalities and practical strategies that are useful in working with this client population so that when we have a window of opportunity to assist, we know how to go about it.


Join Dr Jeffrey Riggenbach, an internationally renowned presenter and author who specialises in personality disorders, and learn about working with clients who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. Drawing from a variety of evidence-based approaches, Dr Riggenbach will summarise and explain in detail what is known about BPD and how this disorder can be effectively treated.  He will present the powerful tools you can introduce to your client as you are helping him/her to cope with BPD.  You will be able to teach your client how to:

  • Become more empowered and stable in in midst of crises
  • Cope with intense feelings
  • Retrain the brain to constructively deal with distorted thoughts
  • Take control of emotions before they take control of the client’s life.
  • Create a happier, healthier and more productive life!


Among other things, you will learn about seven evidence-based treatments for BPD, maladaptive Schemas that drive BPD destructive behaviours, the behavioural pattern breaking interventions to help clients break lifelong destructive cycles and the motivations that drive suicidal and para-suicidal behaviours.  Treatment implications of these behaviours will also be discussed. Dr Riggenbach will also talk about the distinct roles of individual treatment versus group treatment. Then, he will focus on 18 behavioural skills training interventions for symptom management and eliminating destructive behaviours.  He will also talk about three cognitive strategies for changing thought processes that drive problematic target behaviours.  And, most importantly, he will also show you how you can spot three warning signs that will allow you to be super effective if relapse is about to take place.   The corresponding treatment and relapse prevention plans will also be discussed.

  1. Identify 7 evidence-based treatments for borderline personality disorder
  2. Learn the 18 maladaptive Schemas that drive BPD destructive behaviours
  3. Utilize three behavioural pattern breaking interventions to help clients break lifelong destructive behavior all cycles
  4. Understand the 8 motivations that drive suicidal and para suicidal behaviours in individuals with BPD and treatment implications for each
  5. Distinguish between individual treatment versus group treatment and understand the distinct roles for each when treating BPD
  6. Learn 18 behavioural skills training interventions for symptom management and eliminating destructive behaviours
  7. Acquire 3 cognitive strategies strategies for changing thought processes driving target behaviours
  8. Learn 3 warning signs for relapse prevention and corresponding treatment strategies for each

Jeff Riggenbach, PhD is a best-selling and award winning author who has earned a reputation as an international expert in Cognitive approaches to treating personality disorders. Over the past 20 years he has developed and overseen CBT-based treatment programs for Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addictive behavior disorders and Personality Disorders at two different psychiatric hospitals and clinics serving over 3,000 clients at multiple levels of care. Dr. Riggenbach trained at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research in Philadelphia, is a Diplomat of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and is a certified cognitive therapist. He has trained over 20,000 professionals worldwide including audiences in all 50 United States, The UK, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Dr. Riggenbach is the author of six publications including his most recent release The CBT Toolbox (2nd ed): A Workbook for Clients, Clinicians, and Coaches. Jeff is known for bridging the gap between academia, research findings, and day-to-day clinical practice, and his work has earned him the reputation for being “the practical tools guy.” His seminars on CBT, DBT, and Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy routinely receive the highest evaluations from conference participants in terms of clinical utility as well as entertainment value.

This online workshop will give you instant access to 4 sessions of video content (7 hours), accessible via streaming on our website, as well as downloadable PowerPoint slides (PDF).


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The duration of this workshop is 7 learning hours.  A certificate of completion will be generated upon finishing the course and completing a short multiple-choice assessment test. Please consult your professional organisation/association to confirm whether you are able to claim any CPD points/hours for this online workshop.


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