Healing The Inner Trauma Child (HITCH) Trauma Resolution Method

Healing The Inner Trauma Child (HITCH) Trauma Resolution Method

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This seminar is an indispensable element of Ross Rosenberg’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program – his follow-up to his best-selling Human Magnet Syndrome work. The HITCH Treatment Method represents a remarkable advancement in the mental health field because it provides direction and hope for psychotherapists and their clients, both of whom have been stymied by the treatment resistant nature of codependency.


The Healing the Inner Trauma Child Technique (HITCH) provides trauma resolution/integration that is effective with PTSD, CPTSD, Attachment Trauma, and other Dissociative Disorders. It is a powerfully effective psychotherapy treatment approach for Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD) – the updated term for “codependency.”


By understanding the root causes of Self Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD, and the treatment technique that resolves it, mental health practitioners and the general public will finally have access to what Rosenberg calls his “Codependency Cure™.” Expect a discussion of SLDD’s multiple layers and how they are integrated with the underlying attachment trauma cause. Because attachment trauma is disassociated from a conscious awareness, and most psychotherapists do not have the education or training on how to access it, HITCH gives a therapist the tools to go where most therapist have not been before.


In this seminar, you will learn about psychological trauma of all types, especially attachment trauma. Trauma severity factors, trauma memory subtypes, as well as how and why the brain processes and stores trauma will be presented. Rosenberg’s “Paleopsychotherapy” and his “Trauma Continuum” provides helpful new ways to conceptualize and treat trauma. Expect emotionally riveting case examples and video clips of Ross demonstrating HITCH.


“The Trauma Memory Triad” reconceptualizes how trauma is processed as it occurs, how the brain safely takes it “offline,” and how and why it is stored in an almost impossible to reach compartment in the brain. The Triad’s “Body Memories” explains how unresolved, untreated, and/or unintegrated trauma “leaks” through the “dissociative barrier,” causing psychogenic (real) medical disorders like Fibromyalgia, back and neck problems, and so many others.


This seminar is not only beneficial for various helping professions, but it holds equal value to a general audience. Considering most mental health practitioners and other helping professionals have struggled with their own SLDD, this training will resonate and have deep emotional impact on them as well.

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT is a psychotherapist, international speaker, author, professional trainer, and codependency (Self-Love Deficit Disorder), narcissism, trauma and sex addiction expert. He owns Self-Love Recovery Institute, where his work as a writer, psychotherapist, seminar leader, keynote speaker, professional witness is featured.  His trainings, which feature all original work, have been presented in 30 states and twice in Europe and he is regularly featured on TV, radio and online. Ross’s educational YouTube videos have been viewed over 16 million times, attracting more than 170,000 subscribers. His books, “The Human Magnet Syndrome”, have sold over 100,000K copies and been translated and published in six languages.


Ross Rosenberg is SLRI™’s primary trainer. He is the consummate mental health educator. His advanced education, professional license, advanced clinical certifications and more than 30 years of professional work experience enables him to create, produce and provide compelling and life-changing seminars. Ross is also an accomplished international professional trainer and keynote speaker, working in 30 US states (70 cities) and abroad. His educational products span international boundaries, as his book is published in six languages, while his YouTube videos are enjoyed by millions worldwide. Ross’s seminars are like no other, as they are as entertaining as they are informative. His sense of humor and personal vulnerability disclosures of his own recovery journey adds a sense of integrity to his work.

This online workshop will give you instant access to 6 hours of video content, accessible via streaming on our website, as well as downloads for supplemental materials. You can view the course content in your own time, there is no time limit on access.


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