Self-Regulation for Adults: The Break Through Process

Self-Regulation for Adults: The Break Through Process

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  • Teach Your Clients how to shift from rumination, irritability and anxiety
  • Help Clients to re-write their subconscious programming to transform their negative states
  • Learn to use hypnotic phrases without hypnosis in therapy sessions.


This course focuses on the research that shows how to alter subconscious emotional patterns that stop people from thriving.  As they become more aware of repetitive negative conditioning and learn how to let go of it, movement beyond habitual programs occurs.  With powerful tools that can interrupt “horror movies in the mind’ and with release of energy to develop a calm mind, inner confidence and ability be in productive mental states, a transformative change occurs and self-regulation is achieved.


Every client has the ability to discover the answers within to dissolve repetitive negative patterns, and each person can train the mind to let go of fear, worry, dread and live in states of joy and calm.


This practical course will provide you with transformational education and tools to help shift from obsessive rumination, irritability, and anxiety to calm.  When clients learn how to use simple science-based interventions for self -regulation, they develop calm comfort, connection, resilience to stress, and an overall happier and successful life. A variety of exercises will be presented to equip you with tools you can use to help clients remove blocks and develop deep self-acceptance from which emerges living in positive reality.  Deep within each person is a creative intelligence that enables clients to achieve peace, shift anxiety and dissolve depression; it’s just that we need to teach them how to access these inner resources.


We learn habitual and conditioned subconscious programs that lead to spending a majority of time in negative states.  The good news is that humans have extraordinary abilities to de-condition these and live for longer periods of time in states of thriving.


When we learn how to engage our natural resourceful states of mind, we can dissolve negativity, feel empowered, and call on the subconscious mind to generate solutions to problems.


By managing and training the nervous system to be an ally, life is more interesting and happier.  Clients can learn how to define the present differently in order to instantly shut down the inner Stephen King horror movie of the mind.

Bill Wade, Ph.D. is Co-Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Houston, and is accredited as both a marriage and family therapist and professional counsellor, holding supervisory status with both capacities.


He is a Clinical Fellow with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and is a member and Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr Wade is co-author of Brain Change Therapy: Clinical Interventions for Self-Transformation, published by WW Norton and The Worry-Free Mind, published by Career Press.


He is a long-time student of meditation and has taught at several Buddhist temples. He has presented workshops in Spain, Italy, and across the United States. He has been utilizing psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis for over 35 years.


Carol Kershaw, Ed.D. is Co-Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Houston. She is an international trainer, author and psychotherapist running her private practice in Houston, Texas, USA. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, and an Approved Consultant for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


She is board certified with the status of Fellow in EEG Biofeedback and the author of The Couple’s Hypnotic Dance and co-author of Brain Change Therapy: Clinical Interventions for Self- Transformation published by WW Norton and The Worry-Free Mind published by Career Press. She has been invited to speak for NASA, and she also presented in Saudi Arabia, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Italy as well as in the United States and in Australia.

This online workshop will give you instant access to 6 sessions of video content, accessible via streaming on our website. You can view the course content in your own time, there is no time limit on access.


The duration of this online course is 7 learning hours.


A certificate of completion will be generated upon finishing the course and completing a short evaluation quiz. Please consult your professional organisation/association to confirm whether you are able to claim any CPD points/hours for this online workshop.