Neuroscience for Clinicians



Bring the latest findings from neuroscience into your treatments. Learn interventions to literally alter the brain’s neurons, structures, pathways, and networks.

This seminar teaches you how to promote transformation in the traumatized, stressed, addicted, anxious, and depressed brain in positive ways. By initiating change using top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal methods, you add new dimensions to each therapy session. This seminar gives you tools through concepts and experiences to help you build your own techniques for creative individualizing!


  • Communicate key nervous system structures, functions and pathways.
  • Explore brain alterations that occur from anxiety, trauma and stress, substance abuse, and depression.
  • Support how commonly applied treatments such as CBT, DBT, dynamic therapy, meditation and other forms of mindfulness can foster healthy brain change.
  • Breakdown neuroplasticity and types of experiences that elicit it.
  • Apply interventions that can be used to return the nervous system to natural balance.
  • Evaluate specific techniques that enhance attention, interoception, affect regulation and sensory-motor awareness.
  • Practice six principles that guide you when including the brain during treatment.


Instructional Level: Intermediate