Very Best Treatments for ADHD and the Processing Disorders



An accurate understanding of executive functions and dysfunctions is a core competency for the mental health practitioner.  The ability to rapidly identify processing disorders and make targeted treatment recommendations is one of the professional skills which separate the good from the great.   This seminar focuses on a wide range of concrete skills including assessment of processing and organisational deficits from multiple perspectives and managing symptom overlap among related disorders. You will be able to think clearly about the common “Bipolar or ADHD?” assessment question. By the end of the seminar you will know how to avoid the most common diagnostic error in executive dysfunction assessment.   The goal for this seminar is that you will be confident in presenting this material to clients, parents, or peers.


This workshop focuses on:

  •  STRATEGIES you can apply today for adults & children with inattention and disorganisation
  •  Impact of DSM-5® changes on diagnosis.
  •  Four new symptoms under consideration for DSM-5® changes to the ADHD diagnosis
  •  How DSM-5® changes to ADHD diagnosis impact your clients
  •  Core problems in Sensory Processing Disorder and Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  •  Evidence-based strategies to target weak areas in client’s skill sets
  •  Symptom overlap among ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Processing Disorders
  •  A “toolbox” of developmentally appropriate targeted interventions for the executive dysfunctions associated with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

Dr. Nowell’s Big Five Evidence-based Practices that Improve Cognitive efficiency:

  1. Your Best 10 Minutes: Quick and powerful daily planning
  2. Motivational management application for blasting organisational deficits
  3. Nutritional support for optimal focus
  4. Bridging body and mind: Exercise and movement
  5. Connection and social support for the disorganised clients