Jennifer Sweeton

Jennifer Sweeton is a clinical psychologist specializing in neuroscience applications to psychotherapy. She completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, the National Center for PTSD, and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She also holds a master’s degree in personality psychology, with an emphasis in affective neuroscience, from Stanford University. While at Stanford she conducted brain imaging research, and had the privilege of working with leading experts in the areas of emotion regulation, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. Dr Sweeton owns a private practice and consulting business and is a well-known speaker on the neuroscience of mental health and psychotherapy. In addition, Dr Sweeton serves as the executive director of Workings of Well-Being, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop practical skills that promote resilience. Previously, she served as the Director of Behavioural Health at Indian Health Service, and at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Centre as a tele-mental health psychologist.