Judy Lovas

Judy Lovas, Ph.D

Judy Lovas (PhD) specialises in psychological and physical outcomes of Evidence-based Relaxation Therapy. Judy lectures in Psychology at Australian College of Physical Education and Cellular Health, Psychoneuroimmunology and Evidence based Relaxation Therapy at Nature Care College, Sydney.


She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Science (Research) and PhD from the University of Sydney. Judy is the director of Art & Science of Relaxation and is a well-known presenter of accredited seminars for health and medical professionals in Psychoneuroimmunology and Evidence Based Relaxation Therapy. She also teaches Relaxation Therapy classes to patients at Osana Medical Centres to reduce their pain, anxiety, trauma, depression, fatigue & chronic conditions and conducts relaxation classes from her private studio in Sydney. In her career, she taught Psychology at the Australian Catholic University, Australian College of Physical Education and Methodist’s Ladies College, and lectured in psychoneuroimmunology at the School of Medical Science, University of Sydney and Australian College of Applied Psychology. Judy also held a number of other positions as TAFE Lecturer and research coordinator.


She is the author and co-author of 18 publications on the topic of Psychoneuroimmunology, research-based benefits of Relaxation Therapy and chronic pain management and in her free time, Judy is a volunteer coordinator for North Sydney Persistent Pain Mental Health Network.