Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Attachment Theory: A Powerful Approach for Changing the Brain, Transforming Negative Emotions and Improving Client Outcomes



Two of the most significant developments in psychotherapy in the last 10 years have been the emergence of mindfulness and the impact of significant advances in neuroscience. Mindfulness is now an essential aspect of many accepted therapeutic modalities. Moreover, advances in neuroscience and attachment theory have led to revolutionary work in the application of mindfulness in the treatment of anxiety, depression emotional dysregulation, anger and stress.


In this seminar, we explore an integrated approach — incorporating advances in neuroscience, new insights about attachment theory and The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness — that accelerates healthy change and improves client outcomes. Terry Fralich discusses practical insights, language and techniques that will strengthen your professional confidence and effectiveness. This seminar will provide you with an enhanced experiential sense of mindfulness, as well as specific tools you can use right away in working with a broad range of client issues. You will leave this seminar refreshed and re-energised about your clinical work.


  • Review exciting advances in neuroscience that are revolutionising therapy
  • Explore “neuroscience enhanced attachment theory” and the formation of core negative beliefs
  • Learn The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness and practices that accelerate positive changes in the brain
  • Strengthen your experiential sense of mindfulness as a foundation for nurturing awareness in your clients


This program offers new insights, techniques and practices for anyone interested in mindfulness in their personal and professional lives. The new training brings special emphasis on how we can effectively bring mindfulness into the therapeutic environment to help clients change their brains, transform negative patterns and feel more confidence.


Running time: 303 minutes


About the Speaker

Terry Fralich, LCPC is a former adjunct faculty member of the University of Southern Maine Graduate School and a Co-Founder of the Mindfulness Retreat Centre in Maine, USA. He has led more than 400 seminars throughout the USA and internationally, including mindfulness, the latest developments in neuroscience and meditation, treatment of anxiety and depression and CBT.


His book, Cultivating Lasting Happiness: A Seven-Step Guide to Mindfulness, was cited as one of the 12 essential books on mindfulness in the world. His second book, The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness: A Direct Path to More Confidence, Joy and Love, presents a clear exploration of the transformative power of mindfulness practice in our everyday lives.


Terry has pursued his own meditation and mindfulness practice for almost 40 years. Terry studied extensively with leading Tibetan teachers—including the Dalai Lama—and with some of the Western pioneers of mindfulness work—including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield and John Welwood. Inspired by their teachings and his own study of meditation, Eastern wisdom traditions, transpersonal psychology and mindfulness, he earned a Master’s degree in clinical counselling and began both his counselling practice and his teaching activities.


Terry was an attorney who practiced law in New York City, Los Angeles and Portland, Maine, prior to becoming a mindfulness therapist, academic and counsellor.