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$295 AUD 

Presenter: Judy Lovas, Ph.D.

Relaxation Therapy is evidence-based, non-invasive, non-pharmacological, easy and portable. It reduces distress, offers a self-help coping strategy and improves mental and physical health. The more we relax, the better we can cope with times of distress. Relaxation is therapeutic, when it is enjoyed, performed correctly and practiced regularly. The benefits of relaxation are evidence-based and slowly becoming integrated into our healthcare system.


Join Dr Judy Lovas as she teaches evidence-based Relaxation Therapy and translates complex science. Judy makes it easy for you to understand evidence of neural, endocrine and immune responses to relaxation.


Duration: 4.5 hours


$189 AUD 

Presenter: Christopher Willard, Ph.D.

Join Dr Christopher Willard (Harvard Medical Faculty) and learn the techniques you can use every day in order to develop resilience and become mentally stronger and able to handle the difficulties and even turn them into momentum leading to your success. See how he examines the secular practices humankind has utilised throughout the centuries to get through difficult times.


Duration: 3.5 hours


$225 AUD 

Presenter: Christopher Willard, Ph.D.

This online course features dozens of exercises to incorporate mindfulness into daily life (in class, extracurricular activities, among peers), specific meditations and movement practices, compassion training, and more. Growing Up Mindful shows psychologists, school counsellors, parents and professionals alike how to model and teach the skills of mindfulness that will empower our youth for the rest of their lives with greater self-awareness, resiliency, and confidence.


Duration: 4 hours


$325  $295 AUD 

Presenter: Carol Kershaw, Ph.D. and Bill Wade, Ph.D.

With training, the mind can be restful and calm even in the most difficult and upsetting circumstances. We can control our emotions, not repress or suppress them, and despite of the circumstances we can continue to be in the driver’s seat and stay there even in crisis. This course will look at the science and strategies for fostering emotional regulation, inner peace and lasting mental stability.


Duration: 5 hours


$215  $189 AUD 

Presenter: Christopher Willard, Ph.D.

Times of rapid change and crisis are the truest tests of character and leadership. Whether you are a clinician or corporate executive, this course will offer strategies to mindfully manage yourself and those you work with more effectively in times of turmoil. With concrete tips to share with clients and colleagues, you’ll walk away from this workshop more balanced, empowered and resilient in your own life and those around you.


Duration: 3 hours


$295 AUD 

Presenters: Carol Kershaw, Ph.D. and Bill Wade, Ph.D.

Overcoming Worry and Anxiety in Chaos and Uncertainty is a new online seminar designed to provide you with new ideas to train the brain, calm the stress cycle and help your client create happier and more productive life. Based on current neuroscience, the brain-change exercises demonstrated in this online recording, will assist your clients in taking control over their anxious minds. Watch this recording and discover techniques that will assist your clients to dissolve their worry and stay in their best internal states (such as flow) for longer periods of time.


Duration: 6 hours

$135 AUD

Jonah Paquette, PsyD

This webinar, led by international speaker and author Jonah Paquette, will provide attendees with practical skills and approaches to help their clients navigate the turbulent waters of COVID-19. With a strengths-based approach aimed towards fostering well-being amidst the current crisis, participants will explore how concepts such as gratitude, self-compassion, acceptance, and resilience can be applied to clients struggling in the wake of COVID-19.


Duration: 3 hours

$295 $270 AUD

Jonah Paquette, PsyD

Join positive psychologist and author Jonah Paquette, Psy.D. for an exciting experiential workshop focused on the science of well-being and the ingredients of a meaningful life. Weaving modern advances in neuroscience with strategies for lasting well-being, this workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to transform your clinical work. Learn how practices like gratitude, compassion, mindfulness, self-compassion, awe, and more – can create lasting changes to our level of well-being and even improve our physical health.


Duration: 6 hours

$295 AUD 

Presenter: Linda Graham, MFT

People do learn and grow from meeting the challenges and adversities of the human condition when they have support, resources, and skills to do so. Practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, empathy, and forgiveness help shift the functioning of the brain out of contraction and reactivity into more receptivity, openness, the larger perspective. People can recover capacities that reduce the impacts of stress and trauma, recover inner stability, meaning and purpose, and move them into thriving and flourishing.