Online Workshops


Motivational Interviewing – Tools to Engage Clients and Evoke Change

Become familiar with the spirit and tools of Motivational Interviewing


Insight-Based Therapies in Action: Depth Work Tools to Set Up Behaviour Change

This training will focus on utilizing insight-based therapies with adult clients in counseling.


Dangerous Shortcuts – Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Bots in Therapy

This cutting-edge and timely ethics training will provide an overview of common uses of AI in therapy.


Mastering the Difficult Conversation: The Four Key Skills for Leading Change and Leveraging Possibility in Any Situation

Learn to convert challenging and seemingly intractable moments into opportunities for compassion, common humanity and positive momentum.


Psychoneuroimmunology: Mind-Body Science for 21st Century Healthcare

Learn how PNI demonstrates mind and body connections at cellular and molecular levels and how thought, emotions and immunity are intimately linked.


A Master Class Series on Client-Specific Approaches to Therapeutic Insight

With over thirty years of experience, working with clients from around the world, Short brings a great deal of clinical wisdom to the classroom as well as a palpable appreciation for each person’s growth potential.


Ethics and Boundaries – Avoiding Pitfalls and Preserving the Alliance

lease join us to increase your knowledge and insight into appropriately setting ethical boundaries in challenging situations with clients.


Clinical Strategies for Treating Clients with Distressing Obsessive Thoughts

Learn strategies to help clients respond to and better manage these obsessions that can leave them uncomfortable, disturbed, and even functionally impaired.


Integrating Polyvagal Theory Into Practice: Clinical Strategies and Techniques

Help your most stuck or overactive clients feel safe, shift into their social engagement biology, and achieve nervous system regulation.


Creative Supervision Conversations for Therapists and Coaches

Taking an imaginative slant to a supervision issue loosens up thinking quickly and can introduce humour and playfulness into the session.


Emotional Process Work in a Multi-Therapy Context

Join Dr Daniel Short and learn practical techniques to use in order to introduce the emotional processing skills to your client effectively, and at both the intermediate and advanced levels.


Sleep Disturbances & Disorders: Implications for Mental Health Treatment

This online training is designed to increase understanding of the causes, consequences, and interventions for persons who are impacted by sleep-related disturbances.


Conspiracy Theories & Political Radicalization: Clinical Considerations

This seminar is designed to increase participants’ practical knowledge and understanding of how conspiracy and political radicalization impacts individuals, their families, and engagement in therapy.


Foundations and Applications of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This course provides instruction in the use of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in clinical work, and the skills needed to increase effectiveness and reach positive client outcomes.


Making Psychotherapy More Effective with Subconscious Process Work

Watch this recording and learn how implementing such skills like prediction, or the powerful effects of suggestion, re-imagining, metaphors, incubated cognition, the power of self-promises, or emotional insight will significantly improve your effectiveness as a therapist, and will allow your clients achieve goals.


Self-Regulation: Strategies and Interventions for Children

Emotional regulation is not a skill we are born with. Helping children learn to self-regulate is among most important tasks. This online seminar will examine how emotional self-regulation develops and how psychologists, school counsellors, teachers and parents can help children acquire this crucial skill.


Evidence-Based Steps To Effective Management Of Complex Cases

This high energy seminar focuses on discussing a simple and comprehensive system for assessing clinically complex client populations, such as clients with history of trauma, abuse/trauma perpetrators, personality disordered clients, substance abusers and behaviour disordered clients.


Positive Psychology And The Science Of Sustained Happiness: Evidence-Based Strategies To Get Best Client Outcomes Fast

The topic of happiness is intriguing to many clinicians, but skepticism about “pop psychology” may be an obstacle to eager implementation of practice-based techniques. In this workshop, Dr. Nowell reaches into the literature regarding human happiness and pulls together a coherent set of practical techniques for clinical application.


Mindfulness, Neuroscience And Attachment Theory: A Powerful Approach For Changing The Brain, Transforming Negative Emotions And Improving Client Outcomes

In this seminar, we explore an integrated approach — incorporating advances in neuroscience, new insights about attachment theory and The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness — that accelerates healthy change and improves client outcomes. Terry Fralich discusses practical insights, language and techniques that will strengthen your professional confidence and effectiveness.