Online Workshops


Integrating Polyvagal Theory Into Practice: Clinical Strategies and Techniques

Help your most stuck or overactive clients feel safe, shift into their social engagement biology, and achieve nervous system regulation.


Improving Focus, Motivation and Stress Response: Utilising New Research in Epigenetics and the Neuroendocrine System

This course will review research and breakthroughs provided by novel data as well as changing past misconceptions about our neuroendocrine system.


The Upward Spiral for Managing Stress: Using Neuroscience to Reduce Stress and Enhance Wellbeing

This course will focus on explaining key aspects of neuroscience and stress and how to apply them to your life. You will find it engaging, easy to understand, and grounded in scientific research.


The Burnout Toolbox: Practical Solutions to Implement Self-Care, Increase Energy Level and Improve Well-Being

This course will equip you with a number of practical prevention and self-care strategies.


Diagnosing PTSD and Other Trauma Or Stressor Related Disorders

This course focuses on common diagnosis pitfalls and challenges, and helps clinicians accurately diagnose PTSD for clinical or forensic purposes.


Burning Up While Burning Out: Stress Management for Professionals

This training will help you learn about compassion fatigue and burnout, become aware of stressors that lead to these conditions, and develop methods for managing and preventing them.


Cultivating Well-Being and Meaning During COVID-19

This webinar, led by international speaker and author Jonah Paquette, will provide attendees with practical skills and approaches to help their clients navigate the turbulent waters of COVID-19, with a strengths-based approach aimed towards fostering well-being.


The Happiness Toolbox: Brain-Based Skills for Lasting Well-Being and Happiness

Join positive psychologist and author Jonah Paquette, Psy.D. for an exciting experiential workshop focused on the science of well-being and the ingredients of a meaningful life. Weaving modern advances in neuroscience with strategies for lasting well-being, this workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to transform your clinical work.


Evidence Based Techniques For Treatment Of Resistant Anxiety, Worry, Panic And Insomnia

This workshop focuses on effective strategies to help clients overcome excessive worry, panic attacks and insomnia. You will learn specific programs for: perfectionism, subjugation, catastrophising, intolerance of uncertainty, procrastination, and attentional difficulties.