Online Workshops


The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time

This course offers an engaging and informative look at the neuroscience behind the emotions, thoughts, and actions that are linked to depression.


Self Compassion in Psychotherapy: Beyond Mindfulness

Researchers now understand that self-compassion is a skill that can be strengthened through deliberate practice, and that it is one of the strongest predictors of mental health and wellness.


Burning Up While Burning Out: Stress Management for Professionals

This training will help you learn about compassion fatigue and burnout, become aware of stressors that lead to these conditions, and develop methods for managing and preventing them.


Compassion Fatigue And Burnout: Prevention And Resiliency For The Workforce

This seminar has been identified by hundreds of professionals as life changing, essential and exhilarating. Join Dr. Eric Gentry, a recognised leader in the area of compassion fatigue, and learn resiliency and prevention skills drawn from the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue and Burnout. Learn practical self-regulation skills that are critical to your being maximally effective with your clients and improving treatment outcomes.


The Burnout Solution: Professional Endurance And Emotional Intelligence

In this engaging seminar, Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D., will teach you how to identify burnout and how to re-engage with your clients and professional environment. He will examine the advantages of building professional alliances, strengthening your determination and honing your self-protective skills through the use of emotional intelligence in your personal and professional life.