Online Workshops


Engaging Clients who are Hard to Engage

This is a fast paced, highly practical training designed to teach innovative approaches and ideas to achieve successful outcomes with resistant clients.
$295 AUD

Effective Techniques for Responding to Highly Resistant Clients

You will learn what to do in order to prevent, avoid, and resolve what has traditionally been deemed ‘resistance’. Numerous techniques that are applicable across a wide array of clients and problems will be presented, discussed, and illustrated through video demonstrations.
$189 AUD

Evidence-Based Steps To Effective Management Of Complex Cases

This high energy seminar focuses on discussing a simple and comprehensive system for assessing clinically complex client populations, such as clients with history of trauma, abuse/trauma perpetrators, personality disordered clients, substance abusers and behaviour disordered clients.
$189 AUD

Strategies for Eliciting Motivation in the Unmotivated

This training reviews dozens of motivational strategies and techniques that can be used with clients who struggle with motivation due to various problems such side effects of medications, short attention span, symptoms of mental illness, or who suffer from learning difficulties or ADHD. It provides a basic formula that can be adapted to any individual and situation.