Online Workshops


Brain Therapy for Improved Memory

Join Dr John Arden and enjoy this fun live webinar that brings together principles of brain science with participatory exercises that will keep your memory in tip-top shape.


The Hijacked Brain: Epigenetics and Neuroscience-Based Interventions to Help Your Clients Recover From Addictions

We no longer think of addictions in traditional, one-dimensional terms, and the meaning of addictions has expanded from substance misuse into much broader behaviours, such as Netflix binge watching, digital addiction, compulsive eating or shopping. We all seek out pleasure and avoid discomfort. However, for some people these basic tendencies can warp into an addiction.


The Neuroscience-Based Techniques to Train the Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle and Trigger the Brain’s Superpowers

This workshop maps a replicable blueprint to dissolve learned emotional reactions that have previously only been managed by counteracting interventions such as changing cognitions or applying willpower that must be continued for clients to experience relief.


Neuroscience for Clinicians

This seminar teaches you how to promote transformation in the traumatized, stressed, addicted, anxious, and depressed brain in positive ways. By initiating change using top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal methods, you add new dimensions to each therapy session. This seminar gives you tools through concepts and experiences to help you build your own techniques for creative individualizing!


Harnessing Neuroplasticity

Attend this highly experiential workshop and learn how to fine tune your own flow of empathy with the help of mirror neuron activation, prevent burnout by accessing the reward system in your brain, and better attune to clients using practical, alliance-building techniques!


Brain-Based Trauma Treatment

This seminar outlines for attendees some key areas involved in trauma, and provides examples of psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to alter those areas of the brain in the direction of health and recovery. You will leave this seminar feeling confident about how to take a brain-based approach to trauma treatment, equipped with therapeutic tools and techniques you can start using tomorrow!


Brain Therapy: Planting SEEDS for a Healthy Brain and Better Mental Health

This seminar offers down-to-earth and practical suggestions on how to apply new developments in neuroscience in order to achieve positive client outcomes effectively and fast, describing how to conceptualize psychotherapy based on an integrative model that discards the need for the “schools of psychotherapy.”


Mindfulness, Neuroscience And Attachment Theory: A Powerful Approach For Changing The Brain, Transforming Negative Emotions And Improving Client Outcomes

In this seminar, we explore an integrated approach — incorporating advances in neuroscience, new insights about attachment theory and The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness — that accelerates healthy change and improves client outcomes. Terry Fralich discusses practical insights, language and techniques that will strengthen your professional confidence and effectiveness.