Online Workshops


Tools to Integrate EMDR, IFS and Other Approaches to Trauma: Introduction to Neural Desensitization and Integration Training

Participants will be introduced to the basic skills of NDIT, which can be immediately incorporated into their practice.


Eye Movements and Eye Placements in Psychotherapy – Fast Tools for Desensitization

In this course you will learn practical eye-based desensitization and processing skills that can immediately be integrated with almost any therapy approach!


EMDR Skills: Practical Modifications for Children & Other Populations

This three-hour seminar focuses on practical EMDR skills for the treatment of children, ages 3-15, who have experienced trauma or psychological injury.


EMDR for Anxiety: Basic EMDR Skills and Anxiety Modifications

This online course presented by Dr Jennifer Sweeton, best-selling author, internationally-recognized expert on anxiety and trauma, women’s issues, and the neuroscience of mental health, will introduce participants to the original 8-phase model of EMDR, and will provide instructions for how to utilize EMDR skills to treat generalized anxiety, phobias, and panic.


Advanced EMDR Skills for Complex Trauma

While the original 8-phase model of EMDR can be very helpful to traumatized clients who have suffered single-incident trauma, several modifications and additional techniques are recommended for those with a history of complex trauma. This workshop builds on the original 8-phase model, teaching clinicians attachment-focused EMDR skills that can help even the most traumatized clients.


EMDR Skills for Trauma: Rapid, Safe, and Proven Skills and Techniques for Your Trauma Treatment Toolbox

EMDR is a set of evidence-based, powerful treatment tools for trauma and PTSD, as well as other mental health conditions. While EMDR skills have been popular for many years, training in these skills can be difficult to find, and is often cost-prohibitive. This affordable 2-day course introduces attendees to the original 8-phase model of EMDR and teaches participants how to conduct each of the eight phases.