Online Workshops


Helping with Codependency: Practical Interventions

This brief course will review the evidence provided by research on codependency.


Patterns in Abusive Relationships: Codependence and Dependent Personality Disorder

This course reviews what patterns to look for in healthy and in abusive relationships in your clients.


Family Killers: Patterns, Profiles, Risk Factors, and Consequences

An introduction to the different manifestations of family violence as well as causes, consequences, and risk factors.


Imago Relationship Therapy – Introduction Series

This online course is designed for therapists and counselors who want to effectively work with couples in just a few sessions.


Patterns in Abusive Relationships

Areas of focus for the course will include the development and use of codependency, understanding Dependent Personality Disorder, attachment styles, and using tools with clients.


Treating Clients With a History of Abusive Relationships

This comprehensive course will review the evidence and breakthroughs provided by research as well as undoing past misconceptions and errors in prior research on codependency.