Online Workshops


DBT-Informed Treatment of Bipolar Affective Disorder

In this webinar you will learn about bipolar disorder, including the different diagnostic categories of BD, and its causes, as well as the disorders that often co-occur with bipolar disorder and the difficulties people experience in living with this and the co-morbid disorders.


Bipolar Spectrum: Bringing Evidence To Practice

Join author, expert and international speaker Dr. Leslie Lundt, MD, and learn about the latest findings, treatment, side effects, co-morbidity and psychosocial therapies for bipolar spectrum. You will take away proven strategies, techniques and tools to keep your clients on the road to wellness.


Healing The Family Members Of People With Narcissistic And Borderline Personality Traits

This workshop will focus on helping these many overlooked, neglected and misunderstood family members to find understanding, improved mental health, and to learn more effective coping skills to deal with their unique situation.


The Most Challenging Cluster B Personality Disorders: When Drama And Emotion Dysregulation Predominate

Sharon Freeman Clevenger delivers an intensive workshop designed to provide you with the most practical information, knowledge, skills, and abilities to accurately identify and work with the clients who exhibit traits of borderline, narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders.