Online Workshops


Treating Grief-Stricken Clients: Culturally Sensitive Interventions

Become empowered with grief interventions and tools to support clients who are learning to manage and live alongside grief.


The Sixth Stage of Grief: Finding Meaning After Loss

Even if you have seen David Kessler before, you won’t want to miss this new seminar. It will fill you with new insight, new tools, new strategies, and inspiring information, leaving you looking forward to the next day… so you can immediately begin to use all you have learned!


Healing The Grieving Heart: Effective Strategies For Helping Clients Heal From Grief, Trauma Break-Ups, And Other Losses While Creating Renewed Meaning In Their Lives

Healing from grief doesn’t have to be slow or painful. This workshop will show you how to help clients navigate the journey of grief more easily and view loss as a pathway to greater compassion, deeper relationships, and more meaningful living.