Online Workshops


Treating Complex Trauma with Trauma-Informed Internal Family Systems

This advanced course is designed to bridge the gap between a working knowledge of IFS and working with Complex Trauma.


An Integrated Approach to Treating Complex Trauma

Sheri Van Dijk will teach some essential perspectives and skills to help you and your clients get unstuck in treatment.


Sensorimotor Therapy Techniques for Trauma Treatment: Practical Skills


Trauma Recovery After Loss: Skills for Diagnosis and Treatment

Loss, isolation, trauma, anxiety, and grief are commonplace for many people, and will likely continue to be with the various global challenges we can see actively hitting home for so many.


Addiction, Trauma, and the Family: Treatment Tools for Change

Addiction is indeed a family disease and we will journey into the family dynamics to look at how to support individuals struggling with addiction.


Helping Clients Recover Sexual and Relational Health After Sexual Trauma

This course explores what comes next as clients move toward sexual and relational health.


Tools to Integrate EMDR, IFS and Other Approaches to Trauma: Introduction to Neural Desensitization and Integration Training

Participants will be introduced to the basic skills of NDIT, which can be immediately incorporated into their practice.


Trauma in the Family: Concrete Skills to Achieve Long-term Healing and Stability

This comprehensive on-demand training will provide concrete skills for clinicians at every level of expertise.


Healing Trauma with Altered Mind States

This workshop explores the recent research and tools that work to create states of coherence that lead to actual physical and mental healing.


When Trauma is Current: Treating Clients with Ongoing Traumatic Stressors

This seminar focuses on how to treat clients experiencing ongoing trauma as they navigate long-term traumatic situations.


Moral Injury Following Traumatic Events: Working with Clients Who Have Violated Their Conscience

This seminar presents to attendees nine steps for addressing, managing, and reducing moral injury.


How Desensitization Works: The HPA Axis in Treatment for Trauma and Anxiety

The HPA axis has been a cornerstone in understanding mental health. This course will review the evidence provided by research and teach participants how to integrate it into their practice.


Interventions for Building Family Support and Resiliency

This course will review the evidence provided by research and teach participants how to integrate interventions to reduce risks and build resiliency into their practice.


Treating Trauma Using Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a method of treatment for trauma symptoms to develop nervous system regulation. The focus is on mind-body connection and incorporates physical (somatic) sensations and experiences.


Diagnosing PTSD and Other Trauma Or Stressor Related Disorders

This course focuses on common diagnosis pitfalls and challenges, and helps clinicians accurately diagnose PTSD for clinical or forensic purposes.


Trauma Treatment Without Retraumatization: Ethical Considerations

In this online seminar you will learn practical strategies and techniques to ensure you “do no harm” – strategies that help clients remain stable and on the path towards healing.


Addictions and Attachment: Connection as a Path to Healing

Addictions and trauma expert, author and clinician Robert Cox takes a holistic and compassionate approach to addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, sex, money or anything self-destructive.


Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective

Robert will dive deep into autism and its diagnosis and treatment, including case studies from Robert’s own history with the disorder.


Cognitive Approaches to Trauma and Addiction

Internationally recognized CBT expert Dr Jeff Riggenbach will enhance your treatment approach, advance your clinical skills, and arm you with proven tools and techniques.


Personality and Dissociative Disorders: Trauma, Coping and Repair

This workshop is directed at exploring the link between trauma, dissociation and both dissociative and personality disorders. We will discuss how the brain is changed by trauma and how dissociative and personality disorders develop through attachment and attunement disruptions early in life.

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