Online Workshops


Treating Trauma Using Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a method of treatment for trauma symptoms to develop nervous system regulation. The focus is on mind-body connection and incorporates physical (somatic) sensations and experiences.


Diagnosing PTSD and Other Trauma Or Stressor Related Disorders

This course focuses on common diagnosis pitfalls and challenges, and helps clinicians accurately diagnose PTSD for clinical or forensic purposes.


Trauma Treatment Without Retraumatization: Ethical Considerations

In this online seminar you will learn practical strategies and techniques to ensure you “do no harm” – strategies that help clients remain stable and on the path towards healing.


Addictions and Attachment: Connection as a Path to Healing

Addictions and trauma expert, author and clinician Robert Cox takes a holistic and compassionate approach to addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, sex, money or anything self-destructive.


Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective

Robert will dive deep into autism and its diagnosis and treatment, including case studies from Robert’s own history with the disorder.


Cognitive Approaches to Trauma and Addiction

Internationally recognized CBT expert Dr Jeff Riggenbach will enhance your treatment approach, advance your clinical skills, and arm you with proven tools and techniques.


Personality and Dissociative Disorders: Trauma, Coping and Repair

This workshop is directed at exploring the link between trauma, dissociation and both dissociative and personality disorders. We will discuss how the brain is changed by trauma and how dissociative and personality disorders develop through attachment and attunement disruptions early in life.


Memory Reconsolidation Techniques and Interventions for Trauma

This workshop provides an overview of the neuroscience of memory systems and PTSD, and the memory reconsolidation techniques that have been shown to facilitate recovery from PTSD.


Neuroscience Implications and Intensive Treatment for Complex Trauma

This seminar provides you with effective strategies and interventions from EMDR, CBT, somatic approaches, and narrative therapy so you can take your trauma treatment to the next level! You’ll learn how to properly assess clients, effectively stabilize them in preparation for evidence-based treatment, help them safely reprocess traumatic memories, and develop the resources they need to achieve and maintain recovery.


Early Trauma, Attachment, and Repair

This course will look at trauma and the neuroscience of development, how trauma interferes with our ability to connect in a healthy way, and what we know about brain plasticity and how it can be used to heal psychological trauma. Attendees will be given real world examples in addition to learning new techniques for working with the plasticity of the brain to begin repair.


Advanced EMDR Skills for Complex Trauma

While the original 8-phase model of EMDR can be very helpful to traumatized clients who have suffered single-incident trauma, several modifications and additional techniques are recommended for those with a history of complex trauma. This workshop builds on the original 8-phase model, teaching clinicians attachment-focused EMDR skills that can help even the most traumatized clients.


Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth: Healing from Loss and Trauma with Compassion, Clarity, and Courage

Practices of mindfulness, self-compassion, empathy, and forgiveness help shift the functioning of the brain out of contraction and reactivity into more receptivity, openness, the larger perspective. People can recover capacities that reduce the impacts of stress and trauma, recover inner stability, meaning and purpose, and move them into thriving and flourishing.


Healing The Inner Trauma Child (HITCH) Trauma Resolution Method

This seminar is an indispensable element of Ross Rosenberg’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program – his follow-up to his best-selling Human Magnet Syndrome work. The HITCH Treatment Method represents a remarkable advancement in the mental health field because it provides direction and hope for psychotherapists and their clients, both of whom have been stymied by the treatment resistant nature of codependency.


Neuroscience of Complex Trauma – Treatment Tools

This seminar focuses on the neural bases of childhood (developmental/complex) trauma and the sequelae of such trauma, and provides roadmaps for treating developmental/complex trauma in both adult survivors of childhood trauma, and traumatized children. Skills for helping clients recover from trauma and build resilience will also be emphasized.


Healing The Grieving Heart: Effective Strategies For Helping Clients Heal From Grief, Trauma Break-Ups, And Other Losses While Creating Renewed Meaning In Their Lives

Healing from grief doesn’t have to be slow or painful. This workshop will show you how to help clients navigate the journey of grief more easily and view loss as a pathway to greater compassion, deeper relationships, and more meaningful living.


EMDR Skills for Trauma: Rapid, Safe, and Proven Skills and Techniques for Your Trauma Treatment Toolbox

EMDR is a set of evidence-based, powerful treatment tools for trauma and PTSD, as well as other mental health conditions. While EMDR skills have been popular for many years, training in these skills can be difficult to find, and is often cost-prohibitive. This affordable 2-day course introduces attendees to the original 8-phase model of EMDR and teaches participants how to conduct each of the eight phases.


Brain-Based Trauma Treatment

This seminar outlines for attendees some key areas involved in trauma, and provides examples of psychotherapeutic techniques that have been shown to alter those areas of the brain in the direction of health and recovery. You will leave this seminar feeling confident about how to take a brain-based approach to trauma treatment, equipped with therapeutic tools and techniques you can start using tomorrow!