Online Workshops


Disarming High Conflict Personalities in the Workplace: Dealing with the 8 Most Difficult People You Encounter Before They Rob You of Your Peace, Productivity, and Profit!

Leave this training feeling energized and equipped to enhance your organization’s culture by up-leveling your communication in a way that will positively impact recruiting, hiring, and retention.


Suicide and Parasuicide in Borderline Personality Disorder: Evidence-Based Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment

Suicide and parasuicide are prominent features in BPD. Although both are briefly described in the same diagnostic criteria, they are distinctly different clinical phenomena and require different treatment approaches.


Borderline Personality Disorder: Management, Treatment and Communication Strategies

Blending the most effective treatment techniques available for BPD into clear protocols, this course will show you how to maximise your chances for helping clients achieve lasting change.


Practical Strategies for Responding to Personality Disorders

The aim of this seminar is to provide more insight into the complex world of personality disorders and equip the participants with strategies for dealing effectively with personality disordered clients.


Borderline Personality Disorder: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies That Work!

Dr Riggenbach will summarise and explain in detail what is known about BPD, and how this disorder can be effectively treated. He will present the powerful tools you can introduce to your client as you are helping them to cope with BPD.


Healing The Family Members Of People With Narcissistic And Borderline Personality Traits

This workshop will focus on helping these many overlooked, neglected and misunderstood family members to find understanding, improved mental health, and to learn more effective coping skills to deal with their unique situation.


The Most Challenging Cluster B Personality Disorders: When Drama And Emotion Dysregulation Predominate

Sharon Freeman Clevenger delivers an intensive workshop designed to provide you with the most practical information, knowledge, skills, and abilities to accurately identify and work with the clients who exhibit traits of borderline, narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders.


Effective Approaches for Successful Change in Clients with Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders

Working with individuals with Personality Disorders has long been identified as one of the most challenging areas of practice. This seminar will present cutting-edge information on Personality Disorders, along with the most current, effective, and powerful methods for treating and managing three challenging Personality Disorders: Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial.


The Personality Disorder Toolbox: The Challenge of the Hidden Agenda

Drawing from the most recent outcome literature, clinical trials, case studies and clinical experience, Dr Jeff Riggenbach presents an integrated approach for dealing with these difficult clients.