Online Workshops


Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

In this online workshop, we will explore the category of Anxiety Disorders from the DSM-5, what this looks and sounds like in our clients, and what are the recommended treatment techniques.


Evidence-Based Techniques for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Recognise, Assess, Diagnose and Treat Effectively

Join us in learning the evidence-based treatment, Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP), over the course of two days. Participants will learn how to apply ERP to all OCD themes.


EMDR for Anxiety: Basic EMDR Skills and Anxiety Modifications

This online course presented by Dr Jennifer Sweeton, best-selling author, internationally-recognized expert on anxiety and trauma, women’s issues, and the neuroscience of mental health, will introduce participants to the original 8-phase model of EMDR, and will provide instructions for how to utilize EMDR skills to treat generalized anxiety, phobias, and panic.


The Art & Science of Relaxation Therapy: Reduce Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Sleep Disorders, Trauma and Inflammation

Join Dr Judy Lovas as she teaches evidence-based Relaxation Therapy and translates complex science. Judy makes it easy for you to understand evidence of neural, endocrine and immune responses to relaxation.


Overcoming Worry and Anxiety in Chaos and Uncertainty

This new online seminar is designed to provide you with new ideas to train the brain, calm the stress cycle and help your client create happier and more productive life. Based on current neuroscience, the brain-change exercises demonstrated in this recording will assist your clients in taking control over their anxious minds.


Cultivating Well-Being and Meaning During COVID-19

This webinar, led by international speaker and author Jonah Paquette, will provide attendees with practical skills and approaches to help their clients navigate the turbulent waters of COVID-19, with a strengths-based approach aimed towards fostering well-being.


Anxiety And Panic: Techniques To Blend Evidence-Based Approaches Into Individualised Treatment

Join Dr. Carbonell for this powerful program, and discover how to motivate your clients to seek out, rather than avoid, the corrective experiences they need for recovery from an anxiety disorder.


Evidence Based Techniques For Treatment Of Resistant Anxiety, Worry, Panic And Insomnia

This workshop focuses on effective strategies to help clients overcome excessive worry, panic attacks and insomnia. You will learn specific programs for: perfectionism, subjugation, catastrophising, intolerance of uncertainty, procrastination, and attentional difficulties.


Effective Principles And Practice For Optimal Results With Your Anxious Clients: Intensive Course on Exposure Therapy

This workshop goes beyond the theoretical background for ERP and focuses on the actual practice. All of the anxiety disorders will be reviewed and case studies will be explored showing the ins and outs of using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and ERP in an intensive format. Designed to be used in weekly sessions, the techniques discussed will showcase how and why to use ERP to get best results with your patients.