Online Workshops


Treating Targets of School Bullying

Join Evelyn Field, psychologist, presenter, author and a national expert on the topic of bullying, and learn how to treat targets of bullying effectively.


An Overview of Using Stories and Children’s Therapy Books, Interventions for Better Child and Family Therapy

This course will review information on using therapy books in clinical practice with families, youths, and children.


Interventions for Family and Child Therapy Using Stories and Children’s Therapy Books

This unique course will focus on how to effectively implement clinical interventions and strategies by using written stories and books. Books on caregiver addiction, grief, and building self-confidence will be used as examples.


Interventions for Building Family Support and Resiliency

This course will review the evidence provided by research and teach participants how to integrate interventions to reduce risks and build resiliency into their practice.


Suicide and Parasuicide in Borderline Personality Disorder: Evidence-Based Strategies for Diagnosis and Treatment

Suicide and parasuicide are prominent features in BPD. Although both are briefly described in the same diagnostic criteria, they are distinctly different clinical phenomena and require different treatment approaches.


Treatment of ADHD in Children and Adolescents

This course will provide an updated and comprehensive understanding of ADHD focused on children and adolescents.


Autism Treatment From a Trauma Perspective

Robert will dive deep into autism and its diagnosis and treatment, including case studies from Robert’s own history with the disorder.


Helping Clients Heal from Self-Harm: A DBT Approach for Teens

This workshop will help you understand non-suicidal self-injury, factors to consider when assessing and working with clients, and will take a DBT approach to helping clients eliminate this behaviour.


Self-Regulation: Strategies and Interventions for Children

Emotional regulation is not a skill we are born with. Helping children learn to self-regulate is among most important tasks. This online seminar will examine how emotional self-regulation develops and how psychologists, school counsellors, teachers and parents can help children acquire this crucial skill.


Growing Up Mindful: Essential Practices to Help Young Clients and Their Families Find Balance, Calm and Resilience

This online course features dozens of exercises to incorporate mindfulness into daily life (in class, extracurricular activities, among peers), specific meditations and movement practices, compassion training, and more.


ADHD Beyond the Basics: Practical Treatments for ADHD in Adults and Children

Learn how to apply leading edge research to your own clinical practice with clients who struggle with these attentional skills. Gain a wide range of concrete skills including assessment of processing and organizational deficits from multiple perspectives and managing symptom overlap among related disorders.


Suicide Risk Assessment

Mastering the skill of Suicide Risk Assessment is one of the ways of preventing suicide and allowing intervention at an early stage, before the continuum between the first suicidal thought and the decision to complete suicide has been finalised. Suicide is difficult to predict but it is preventable.